Steering Component Rebuilders

At SteerTech, we offer complete truck steering services and quality parts that are engineered with performance and safety in mind. We rebuild and repair steering systems for heavy duty trucks of all makes and models.

We Know Steering

  • P/S Pumps
  • P/S Hoses
  • Boxes
  • Steering Assist Cylinder
  • Slave Cylinders
  • Seal Kits
  • Sector Shafts

How’s your steering?

  • Too much play in the steering wheel?
  • Leakage around seals?
  • Noises and/or vibrations when turning?
  • Grinding sensation in the steering wheel when turning?

Steering Assist Cylinders

Now Manufactured “In House”

Steering Cyinder

Power Steering Pumps and Gears

  • Eaton
  • Vickers
  • ZF
  • Bendix
  • Saginaw
  • Sheppard
  • Luk

Don’t take chances with safety!

Rebuild, Repair or Replace the Problem Components with the Pros.

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